Eco-Friendly Honeymoons in New Zealand

New Zealand offers honeymooners an incredible natural landscape and cultural experiences like none other.

Due to the fact that North American seasons are opposite from those found here, couples can travel at any time of the year; however, peak tourism season (December through February) will bring higher prices and may bring with it additional attractions and experiences.

1. Aro Ha

Aro Ha (meaning “love” in Maori) is an innovative health retreat located within New Zealand’s dramatic wilderness. Run on solar and hydro power with minimal environmental impact, Aro Ha features accommodation huts designed using recycled timbers, natural-dyed blankets woven by artisans from Ecuador, organic cotton linen bedspreads and organic cotton sheets; there are no day spa services at Aro Ha; instead focusing instead on strengthening body and mind through exercise, yoga and mindfulness practices.

Welcome to Aro Ha’s world class wellness retreats – designed to increase both mental and physical wellbeing! Each morning begins with sunrise flow yoga practice followed by breakfast of nutritious whole foods, then hiking the surrounding mountains for three to four hours before relaxing with therapeutic massage or participating in mindfulness practice sessions – guaranteed to boost both mental and physical wellbeing!

Each experience is all-inclusive, without hidden fees or additional costs to worry about. Your journey will also be supported by personal training sessions with a personal trainer and nutritionist as well as Aro Ha ambassadors to guide and assist. A seven-day, six-night Delve Deep retreat costs from $NZ6250 ($5900).

2. Manawa Ridge

Manawa Ridge Eco Lodge, just two hours outside Auckland, is one of New Zealand’s luxurious eco lodges. Built by hand with recycled timber and energy efficient materials to reduce their carbon footprint while still offering luxurious experiences, they plant native trees on site, grow food for their menus themselves and source 75% of ingredients from local farmers – truly an impressive feat in itself!

Guest can unwind in their luxurious king-sized beds, private pebble-lined spas and gourmet meals while taking in stunning views of Coromandel Peninsula from this eco-friendly hotel featuring recycled beams, mud brick walls and straw bale walls as well as luxury suites.

At this resort, visitors can partake in activities such as glow worm spotting, day walks, fishing and picnics on the beach. Furthermore, you can book a glamping package that features a tented cottage complete with fireside dinners and breakfast for an ideal romantic New Zealand honeymoon experience.

3. QT Museum Wellington

The QT Museum Wellington is an idyllic boutique hotel with an electric atmosphere. As the first New Zealand outpost of an acclaimed Australian brand, it combines modern boutique with an edge and provocateur. Rooms at QT Museum Wellington feature antique paisley armchairs, gold-framed mirrors, pieces collected by former owner Chris Parkin such as an animal made out of corned beef cans, an oil painting of Lorde look-a-likes and even an eye-catching sculpture depicting someone shooting someone’s skull being shot!

Hotel Aroha offers guests an ideal location, directly opposite Te Papa Tongarewa New Zealand’s National Museum and within walking distance of Courtenay Place theatre entertainment and nightlife hub. Offering both suites and rooms – apartment-style suites being particularly sought after by couples. Indulge in delicious high tea at Hippopotamus Restaurant which was awarded first place at Dilmah Global High Tea Challenge 2015.

Rotorua is one of New Zealand’s premier geothermal destinations and also home to Maori culture and incredible natural beauty. Couples can reconnect with nature at Rotorua’s numerous thermal hot springs, geysers, painter’s palette features or venture inland to Matamata for an adventure into Hobbiton Movie Set which offers an incredible journey back in time!

4. Akaroa

Waiheke Island in New Zealand’s Hauraki Gulf offers an idyllic honeymoon destination. Spend your days sampling award-winning wines or lounging around on its idyllic beaches while renting bikes, kayaks, or ziplines to explore this vineyard-rich oasis!

Akaroa, located along New Zealand’s scenic seacoast, is home to just under 800 residents; however, their numbers increase considerably during summer holidays. Akaroa’s French heritage can be seen through street names and business logos while Maori culture is widely celebrated.

One of the top destinations in the country for seeing Hector’s dolphins – one of Earth’s smallest species. Boat rides out on the Pacific offer great opportunities to spot these playful mammals in their natural environment; on certain tours there may even be opportunities to swim with them!

Visit Akaroa during its shoulder seasons from autumn (March to May) through spring (September to November), though winter can also provide pleasant temperatures with smaller crowds.

5. Hector’s Dolphins

Hector’s dolphins are among the smallest and rarest marine species on earth, best known as Mickey Mouse dolphins due to their round dorsal fin. Endemic to New Zealand coastal waters, Hector’s dolphins can only be found there.

These dolphins use echolocation to find food, sending out high-frequency clicks that bounce off surrounding fish and objects and return with information about type, distance and speed of each object they encounter. Hector’s dolphins typically feed in shallow seashore waters consuming species like flounder and red cod.

Hector’s dolphin numbers have seen a rapid decrease, falling from 7270 South Island Hector’s dolphins (known as Maui dolphins ) in 2014 to only 55 North Island Hector’s dolphins in recent years.

Hector’s dolphins are essential members of marine ecosystems and play an essential role in controlling local fish populations by preying upon sick and elderly fish, protecting other marine wildlife by eating ciguatera poisoned fish that could potentially poison humans, and protecting other marine wildlife by eating the dead bodies left by these dangerous poisonous fish. Unfortunately they’re an endangered species requiring your assistance – Akaroa offers an eco-friendly Hector’s dolphin swim to allow visitors to witness these amazing animals up close without disturbing their natural habitat or altering their natural surroundings

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